Wine advent calendar (24 x 187ml bottles)


    This adult only calendar contains 24 miniature bottles of white, red, rose, mulled and chocolate wine



    A perfect treat for the end of a cold December day, each calendar door conceals a 187ml bottle of wine. Includes:

    South African Merlot, Australian Chardonnay, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and a White Zinfandel from the USA.

    What better way to countdown days left until Christmas than to sit back, relax and enjoy a different glass of wine every day


    24 x 187ml Bottles consisting of:

    Mcguigan Black Label Chardonnay 12.5% Australia

    Waters Edge Merlot 12.5% South Africa

    Pink Fox White Zinfandel 10% California USA

    Waters Edge Shiraz 14% Australia

    Altaria Sauvignon Blanc 12.5% Chile

    Founders Stone Homestead Chardonnay 13% Australia

    Terramater Sauvignon Blanc 13% Chile

    Lanchester Mulled Wine 11% Produced in the UK

    Mcguigan Black Label Shiraz 13.5% Australia

    Founders Stone Ocean Break White Zinfandel 10% California USA

    Waters Edge Chardonnay 13% Australia

    Quartetto Pinot Grigio 12.5% Moldova

    Altaria Merlot 13% Chile

    Orario Pinot Grigio 11.5% Australia

    Founders Stone Andean Peaks Sauvignon Blanc 13.5% Chile

    Waters Edge White Zinfandel 10% California USA

    Chocolate Shop 12% Produced in the UK

    Founders Stone Homestead Pinot Grigio 11.5% Australia

    Long Neck Cabernet Sauvignon 13.5% South Africa

    Founders Stone Homestead Shiraz 14% Australia

    Waters Edge Sauvignon Blanc 12.5% Chile

    Mcguigan Black Label Rose 12% Australia

    Founders Stone Lions Reach Merlot 12.5% South Africa

    Terramater Cabernet Sauvignon 13% Chile